Streambank Revival on Turtle Creek

The Turtle Creek Watershed Association and the Municipality of Monroeville completed a streamside buffer restoration on Turtle Creek with the help of Tree Pittsburgh. Volunteers gathered on a crisp fall day to plant native shrubs and trees on an unstable streambank to help improve water quality, habitat for fish, and conditions downstream. 

Eroding streambanks are a big problem in our area and across the United States. Erosion (dirt worn away from banks) is a natural process. However,  turning forested and grasslands into buildings, houses and parking lots, have kicked erosion into overdrive. Runoff, or water that runs over paved surfaces instead of being absorbed, enters our streams and destroys the banks because the stream isn't big enough to handle the extra water. How can you help? Plant trees! 

The Turtle Creek Watershed Association is a volunteer group that looks after streams within the Turtle Creek Watershed. The passion of the volunteers from this group and the Municipality of Monroeville's desire to improve the environment for its residents, paired with the expertise of Tree Pittsburgh, made this a powerful stream improvement project. Collaboration is key!

Is your group looking to do a project like this?