In the Know: Penn State Extension's Master Watershed Steward Program

As part of our In the Know series, the Penn State Extension has started the first Master Watershed Steward Program in Southwestern Pennsylvania. This program has been highly successful in other parts of Pennsylvania and has finally made its way to us in Allegheny County. Folks with an interest in the environment, volunteer work, and educating their community can take this class and learn how to be an effective environmental steward and volunteer.
The Master Watershed Steward Program is designed to prepare students on all things water. You’ll learn water basics, streams, wetlands, lakes, geology, soil, drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, groundwater, entomology, wildlife, and ways to be a part of the solution. Students will also go on field trips to bring these subjects to life.

What can you expect from the Penn State Extension Master Watershed Steward Program? An understanding of water resources, opportunities for engagement, and the ability to confidently educate the community on what you’ve learned. This is a great way to empower yourself so you can empower others. Join the Master Watershed Steward community!

Contact Brian Wolyniak for more information on how to enroll in this program: