Launching Our Website


If you have found yourself here, feast your eyes upon our new website! Months of planning went into choosing the right platform, capturing images and graphics, as well as determining the overall purpose of the site. This last part was the most important step.

So we drew inspiration for our mission:
The Allegheny Watershed Alliance is dedicated to the support and development of watershed groups by leveraging technology, building capacity, and creating spaces for partnership.

We then took a look at what role leveraging technology would play for the website. There are thousands of platforms available to choose from, each offering different packages and features. With this in mind, we ranked options by the number of features that were available. 

We also looked at the ability for the website to allow other web apps to be "plugged-in." 

One example, seen here, the custom Watershed Group location map located at the bottom of the Watershed Groups page. 

The second part of our mission speaks to building capacity

Though a young organization, we are growing fast and would need a platform that could grow with us and offer the option to add lots of content and more pages into the future. 

We then also looked at creating spaces for partnership. A website that had a strong blogging system and interface.

By founding a blog, we can let others know about the work being down by others in the region and allow for collaboration. So where did this lead us? With its ability to be customized, plug-in support, and features that can be added on as we need them, the clear choice was Squarespace.  

Using our mission as a guiding light through the website building processes was the most important part in finding the right fit.

So take a look around!  Be there from the beginning as we ramp up our blog. Be sure to sign up to be alerted for new posts.

We will also be looking for post suggestions and guest writers soon, so keep your eyes peeled.