The Saw Mill Run Watershed Association hosted its first Watershed Day on October 15th. What is a Watershed Day? It celebrates the watershed and community you live in. It is also a fun way to learn new things, like: What is a watershed? What are the issues of my watershed? What are the solutions to improving where I live? How do I get involved?

Watershed Days are a mix of fun and learning and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon for both adults and kiddos.


interactive displays from the event:


Do you know what pH is? It is a measure of how acidic a substance is on a scale of 1 to 14. pH is important for stream health because fish and insects that live in water, or macroinvertebrates, can only survive if the pH in a stream is around 7. Think about it like this: the pH of a lemon is 2 and the pH of soap is around a 9. This is also important for the water you use at home because streams in your area lead to water treatment plants.


Did you know that water runs faster or slower depending on what it’s moving over? This table shows that when you pour water in each of these containers, the container to the right drains the slowest and cleanest because the plants slow it down, while the water to the left leaves the fastest and dirtiest because it’s just bare soil. This shows how important trees and plants are to keeping our streams clean!

A new take on a ‘Stream Bed’! Streams are made of lots of different sizes of rocks. This is very important because the difference in sizes and shapes provides places to live for critters that live in the water and also spaces for certain types of fish to lay their eggs.

The more people know about water quality issues, the more we can improve our drinking water and help fish and wildlife to thrive.