Peters Creek Watershed Association: 400+ Trees Planted!

Our county park of South Park, just got a bit richer, in the form of streamside trees.

As a part of our 10 acre streamside buffer tree planting extravaganza, the Peters Creek Watershed Association (PCWA), along with several invaluable partners- Allegheny County Parks, Allegheny County Parks Foundation, Municipality of Bethel Park, and CPower Managment, and our many valued volunteers- 2.1 acres of streamside trees were planted along Catfish Run. 

Nate Peters Creek.jpg

Streamside trees, but why? 

We are planting native trees and shrubs along streams because they provide incredible and necessary benefits:

1. Stabilize stream banks

2. Reduce impacts of flooding

3. Improve water quality

4. Provide habitat for birds and wildlife

5. Provide food and nutrients for instream critters

6. Improve the value and beauty of the area

7. Improve air quality

We planted over 20 high quality native trees and shrubs grown by Tree Pittsburgh that are suited to thrive next to streams, like Elderberry, Sycamore, Viburnum, Dogwood, Pawpaw, Red Bud, Witch Hazel, Ninebark, White Spruce, and Bayberry. 



you do you!

Consider planting trees next to your backyard or community stream. Not only will these trees help the surrounding water quality, land, fish and wildlife, but also provide direct benefits to you. Imagine making Elderflower cordials, making your own Witch Hazel astringent, eating blueberries, and making Pawpaw jam. 



Stay tuned for more streamside plantings with the AWA and watershed groups in the future!