Pioneering Municipalities: Progress through partnerships

Robinson Run/Chartiers Creek Watershed Communities Join Together to Create an Impact


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The opportunity to share this truth should never be skipped: watersheds do not follow municipal boundaries. Water flows downhill, regardless of which community you live in. Because watersheds are defined by land and not by people, it is a necessity that everyone works together to improve water quality. Effective teamwork includes coordinated planning and management of stormwater, and creating opportunities to engage watershed residents.


The challenge in Allegheny County is a biggun’: 130 municipalities need to work together within their watersheds to create substantial change.



A group of municipalities in the Robinson Run/Chartiers Creek Watershed are answering the call to work together to benefit their watersheds. The Chartiers Watershed Municipal Alliance (CWMA) was established earlier this year by Bridgeville, Collier, McDonald, North Fayette, Oakdale, and Mt. Pleasant to tackle stormwater issues and collaborate on projects within the watershed.


This intermunicipal watershed group is off to an amazing and admirable start. The CWMA received grant funding from the WPC/Dominion Watershed Mini Grant program to plant a riparian buffer along the North Fork of Robinson Run at the North Fayette municipal building. Each  community contributed resources to make this volunteer engagement initiative a smashing success. More than 40 volunteers planted 70 trees and shrubs from Tree Pittsburgh. In addition to the many ecological and environmental benefits provided by the riparian buffer, watershed residents were able to have a hand in making it happen.

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The CWMA hosted a Watershed Celebration Day at the Oakdale Community Center on May 23rd. Residents learned about topics including municipal initiatives, dredging, riparian buffers, and actions that can be taken at home to help improve water quality.


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Events like these will continue to take place well into the future. Improving and protecting our water resources takes all of us, and ongoing engagement is essential. Hats off to the Robinson Run/Chartiers Creek Watershed communities working together to make it happen!