money is key for your watershed group to complete big stream improvement projects. Let us help you find it!

Does your group want to plant a streamside buffer, improve fish habitat, put in educational signs, or install stormwater structures like wetlands or vegetated swales? You will need to find money. This is an important job for watershed groups because government and environmental agencies can't handle everything that needs to be done. 


The Allegheny Watershed Alliance can help your group find a path to the appropriate grant to complete a project. Money is never a guarantee, but it's a more likely outcome when you have guidance and a knowing partner on your side.

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For your group to get grant money it has to be registered as a nonprofit (501 c 3) organization with the IRS. Don't want to go through all of that? The AWA can act as the umbrella nonprofit organization so your group can qualify for grants. The AWA can also support the work of those groups that are official nonprofits. 


There are many kinds of grants out there and each will ask for different types of information and requirements. We can help guide your group on which grants are best, where to start and provide advice on how to complete it. 

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A big part of successfully completing a project is working with the right people and organizations. We can connect your group with the right folks so you can make the most of your efforts and we all benefit as a community from improved water resources. 



The following organizations offer grants for watershed improvement projects. Give a shout if you would like to learn more!