what about stormwater?

Stormwater runoff is water that runs off of the land from pavement and asphalt into storm drains and our streams after it rains or snows. Why is it a problem? Stormwater contains pollutants and litter, which is bad for drinking water, fish, recreation and swimming. Stormwater runoff also causes streambanks to erode because streams can't handle extra water. 

Main takeaway:The water you see running off of land into drains goes into our streams. It does not flow to a water treatment plant to be cleaned. This water is polluted and it is bad for our drinking water, fish and wildlife, swimming, fishing and boating. 

M  u  n  i  c  i  p  a  l  i  t  i  e  s
It’s time to rethink the role of
watershed groups in your municipality.



The Allegheny Watershed Alliance is dedicated to the support and development of watershed groups in Allegheny County. Watershed groups and the AWA provide valuable education and outreach support to help meet your MS4 Permit obligations.

Annual Membership to AWA strengthen your education and outreach portfolio with our partnership. We can support the work of existing watershed groups in your municipality. We can provide additional resources to outreach projects.

Watershed groups are a resource waiting to be tapped by your municipality. These groups offer local knowledge and passion to help you to meet Minimum Control Measures and understand local water quality issues.

The more support you offer a watershed group, the more work they are able to do in improving water quality and educating local citizens. Watershed groups are another tool to help you meet MS4 and Act 167 requirements.

No watershed group in your area?
The AWA can act as a partner for outreach initiatives.



So what do watershed groups offer?

benefit no. 1
Knowledge about water quality issues.

Volunteers know what's going on in the watershed: sources of pollution, locations of abandoned mines, illegal dumpsites, and how to make a difference Because of this, they can help create a more educated public!

benefit no. 2
Advice on placement of green infrastructure BMPs.

Installing green infrastructure BMPs is an effective way to help meet your stormwater permit and Pollution Reduction Plan. Watershed groups can help you find effective sites to get the most bang for your buck. 

benefit no. 3
Operation and maintenance of green infrastructure.

Green infrastructure BMPS are not worth spending money on unless there are people to care for them over time. Your municipality can sign an agreement with a watershed group to care for  BMPs so they perform long into the future. 

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Benefit no. 4
Passion: volunteers love their area
and want others to appreciate it too.

This dedication can be used by supporting group projects, such as litter clean up days, rain barrel workshops, streamside plantings, and educational workshops. A more educated public will save your municipality money over time. Education is power!