FOUNDING A WATERSHED ALLIANCE - The Allegheny Watershed Alliance wants your watershed group to thrive!





The Allegheny Watershed Alliance is dedicated to the support and development of watershed groups by leveraging technology, building capacity and creating spaces for partnerships. 


The Allegheny Watershed Alliance envisions a
region with healthy and valued water resources supported by a network of engaged and capable watershed groups.

We support existing watershed groups and want to help new groups form. Do you want to start a watershed group, but aren't up to the task of filing IRS paperwork? Come in under our umbrella: no need to file paperwork, or complete audits, or file for insurance.

We have you covered. 

Most importantly, there is now someone on the other end of the line to answer questions. If we can't find a solution for you, we will do our best to give you the guidance you need to be successful. 

Environmental professionals can't create a healthy region on their own. Watershed groups are critical to improving our drinking water, fishing habitat, recreation space, and scenic views. Empower yourself and take action to improve our water and land!


Why a watershed Alliance?



REBECCA ZEYZUS | Executive Director

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Why do we have to fear becoming sick after swimming in our rivers? Why do we have to use water filters for safe drinking water? Can we, as a community of southwestern PA, improve water quality and connect with our water resources on a new level?

This is where Rebecca's passion lies: working to engage people with water to build a healthier world that we can enjoy to the fullest.

Rebecca's love of swimming led her to pursue a degree in Environmental Science with a focus in Water Resources. Her background includes water quality monitoring, environmental remediation, and community outreach.


Amy's love for water started on Redbank Creek near New Bethlehem, PA where iron deposits color the clay streambank red. An expert in the field, she can be found working throughout Western Pennsylvania monitoring and educating the public on the importance of the region's watersheds.

Her formal education includes environmental science and biology focuses. When not working in the field, Amy is hard at work writing for grants, developing new programs, and providing advisory support.

She is also an avid outdoorsman and spends any free moment fishing and hunting throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia with family and friends.



Growing up fishing, hunting, and hiking in the Laurel Highlands, Jessie has a strong love for Pennsylvania's wilderness and natural resources and is a passionate advocate for water quality awareness of the region's streams and rivers.

Her extensive background in nonprofit marketing and communications makes her an expert at stretching the marketing dollar. She has also developed a knack for project management thanks to a master's degree in Public Policy and Management.

Jessie's areas of expertise include graphic design, video production, photography, social media management, and marketing/brand strategy.

PARTNERS + supporters


Partnerships and supporters are powerful. We all share a common goal of improving the environment and our communities. We can make incredible strides if we team up with the organization that has the capacity and expertise for a particular job. Our region is rich with innovative and capable organizations!