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What kind of volunteer are you?

There is no single solution that will solve your volunteer woes. Volunteers will always be hard to recruit and kept interested. However, there are a few things your group can try to boost participation. Outlining what roles volunteers can take part in as a member of your watershed group can help. Have clear roles defined for people interested in getting involved in your group. It is unproductive to invite potential or current volunteers to meetings and not have tasks for each person to be involved with. The key is to keep people busy and engaged, even during those times when your group doesn’t have a big project in the works.

Watershed groups, like many other groups or jobs, need a team made up of people with different interests and skills. We all have something to bring to the table! Watershed groups are not just for people who like science and streams: it’s important to keep this in mind when talking with people for volunteer recruitment. There are skills that  that have nothing to do with getting in a stream and are equally as valuable.