watershed groups are made up of people from every walk of life.

A member may care about healthy water, wildlife, recreation, flooding, or beautiful landscapes. Some watershed group members may want to learn more about the world around them, get to know new people, get credit hours for school, or earn volunteer hours to boost a resume. Some members may want to improve the area where they live so that generation to come can live in a healthy, beautiful space.

No matter what you're interested in or what skills you have, volunteering for a watershed group provides a very important service to the community by keeping an eye on water quality health and happenings on land around the watershed.



The environmental professionals paid to monitor and repair water quality issues can't be everywhere at once or fix everything. Watershed groups fill this gap by monitoring what's going on in their watershed. This is so important! They bring attention to critical issues, educate the public, and make improvement projects happen. Each watershed group is different, but some common activities include water quality monitoring, walking the watershed to check out existing and potential problems, organize stream clean up days, plant stream side trees, get grant money to complete habitat improvement projects for fish and work with students and neighbors to spread the word about watershed issues.



Watershed groups and municipalities can work together to complete stream improvement and outreach projects. This could be streamside plantings, creating a display for the public library, joint community day booth, or creating and sponsoring collaborative watershed maps and educational materials.



Education is key to improving water quality and habitat for fish and animals. There are many ways to reach out to students of any age group: groups can host watershed walks, advertise stream clean up days in schools, create watershed health displays for the local library, and create lesson plans to speak in schools or as an extracurricular activity.



Groups exist throughout Allegheny County, with many crossing municipality and county lines. Use this map to locate one near you.

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